ABADA-Capoeira UK is a non-profit organization that provides social, cultural and educational services to children, youth and the elderly through the means of Capoeira and other related activities. Manjerico (founder and chief Instructor) more than 60 children and roughly 50 adults train with the group on a regular basis. Like the city itself, the groups is made up of individuals from all walks of life and of the most diverse nationalities and backgrounds. Though different, they all see in Capoeira a unique solution to exercise and socialise and an opportunity to learn more of the Afro-Brazilian culture, in which the art is deeply rooted.

The teacher, Nelio Rodrigues (aka Manjerico) works closely with a diverse range of organizations  providing beginners to advanced Capoeira courses and organizing community events throughout the year. ABADA Capoeira UK also works closely with local schools and sports/education agencies offering after school clubs and Capoeira Sports days across London for children aged from 3 to 12 years olds

My inspiration comes from my belief in capoeira as a truly multidimensional platform, bringing together all nations, tribes and all cultures as One People – Instrutor Manjerico